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IHMP Sports Injuries

IHMP Sports Injuries First Aid

IHMP First Aid Training for Sports Injuries and Primary care (Other than Scuba Diving... See Dive Medic)    football

 ITDA / IHMP Are Specialists in Diving Injuries and accidents but the principle of first aid can be applied to most accidents and injuries in many situations and circumstances.

 Therefore we have produced a unique course program aimed solely at "Sports Inuries" with specific modules that can be applied to types of common injuries in particular sports.

   For Example:

  • Footballmartial-arts

  • Rugby

  • Martial Arts - Karate - Judo - Kendo - Akido - Boxing - Jujitsu etc.

  • Horse Riding

  • Tennis / Squash / Badmintonfencing

  • Climbing & Rambling / Hill Walking / Remote First Aid

  • Fencing / Foil / Sabre / Rapier

 What is included in the Sports Program?

IHMP Sports Injury First Aid Programs all cover these basic First Aid principles...

  • Risk Assessment and CPR / BLS (Basic Life Support)

  • Set up and Hazards

  • First Aid Kit Management

  • Primary Assessment & Secondary Assessment

  • Primary Care and Airway Management

  • Recording and Monitoring Vital Signs

  • Accident and Injury Reporting / Keeping Records

  • Emergency Services Contact and Handover

  • Minor Injuries and Accidents

  • Major Injuries and serious accidents

  • Choking and Blocked Airway

  • Bleeding and Blood Loss

  • Bones, breaks and Fractures

  • Electric Shock

  • Stroke

  • Cardiac Arrest / Heart Problems

  • Posioning / Drug Abuse

  • Fits and seizures  / Epilepsy

  • Heat Stroke / Over Heating

  • Hyperthermia / Cold Tissue Damage

Additional Sports training Modules

Additional Sports Injuries Modules Include:

  • Importance of Warm up and muscle preparation
  • Impact Injuries (Hitting, Ball Contact etc.)
  • Head and Neck Injuries (Rugby, Judo, Jujitsu)
  • Cuts and Bruises / Tissue Damage
  • Sports Safety
  • Oxygen First Aid
  • AED First Aid

Who should take this Training?

Anyone  who is involved in any sporting activity at any level, coaches, instructors, trainers or family, or friends who watch or attend sporting events...  Everyone can benefit from knowing CPR and Basic First Aid...

Who can Train, Teach and Certify?

IHMP Sports Injury Instructor

   Anyone who trains, teachs, Instructs, supervises or coaches a sport... Plus family members and anyone associated with a Sports Environment... I.e. Leisure Centre and Sports Centre staff...

 This is our most open instructor level and maybe certified by any IHMP / ITDA Sports Injury Instructor Trainer (IHMP Instructors with 1+Years experience and a minimum of 50 IHMP First Aid Certifications may apply to be upgraded to "Sports Injuries Instructor Trainer"... 

Sports Instructors and coaches with existing First Aid Certification may complete an "IHMP Instructor Trainer 2 Day Program.

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