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Emergency Medical Technician

EMT Training Certification and Accreditation

As an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in many Countries there is no global current awarding body or protected title. There are various EMT courses available throughout the UK and EU and many don’t offer the credibility, in-depth clinical knowledge and skills that is required of such a role.

We have developed an comprehensive and robust Pre Hospital Emergency Medical Technician programme that is fit for purpose and will enable the clinician to safely practice and ensure they deliver excellent clinical care to their patients. IHMP EMT Training Programs are delivered through training partners that are able to offer International accreditation and recognition with AREMT Austrialasian Registry Emergency Medical Technicians

We have developed this programme with the patient as our main focus, from the medical emergency to the major trauma victim. This course offers a diverse scope of practice that will appeal EMT’s working in the major industry and chemical sites, medical support centres and teams, remote and hostile medics as well as the private ambulance technician and NHS services.

We are committed to providing quality educational programmes utilising the latest evidence based practice.

Why choose our course

  • We can book your accommodation from low costs
  • International Approval with AREMT
  • Includes FPOS Intermediate and MIRA as part of the program
  • Includes International Trauma Life Support (ITLS) as part of the program
  • Comprehensive and in-depth subject areas suitable for this industry
  • Funding may be available
  • Delivered by current practicing medical & EMT Training professionals
  • CME and College Credits Available
  • The preferred course of choice by many large and recognised companies across the world
  • Can be delviered modular (weekly blocks) and across the Internet as distance learning or online traiining
  • We can be flexible in adding additional core subject areas specific to each industry

Syllabus EMT Training

The syllabus is an intense training package designed to equip the student with the necessary basic skills required to work on the frontline and include:
  • Role definition
  • Medical terminology
  • Respiratory System and Disorders
  • LMA’s, i-Gels, OPA and NPA
  • Airway Management and adjuncts
  • Oxygen and Entonox therapy
  • Circulatory System and Conditions
  • Shock and Intermediate Life Support
  • Major incidnet awareness
  • Poisons and overdoses
  • Trauma care including bleeding and burns
  • Fractures and splints
  • Nervous system, CVA, epilepsy
  • Diabetes and blood glucose monitoring
  • Infection control and waste management
  • Unconsciousness and patient assessment
  • Assisting paramedic with IV, fluids, drugs, intubation and IO
  • Information Governance and Report forms
  • Abdominal conditions and injuries
  • Helmet removal and traction splints


We can also offer upgrades from EMT-B (Basic) to; EMT-I (Intermediate) and EMT-P (Paramedic) also specialist training in DMT Dive Medic Technician and Aquatic Rescue... 

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