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Dive Medic

First Aid & Medical Certifications from IHMP/ITDA Group

From September 2014 IHMP Medical is still a member Company of the ITDA Group of Companies but will be undergoing a transition to become: IHMP First Aid and Medical Training Ltd. As a seperate corporation incorporated under UK/EU laws and based in the UK...  ITDA Group will continue to train and certify IHMP programs....

Dive Medic Training & Certification

About Dive Medic


 This unique ITDA - IHMP Program was developed by Hyperbaric DMT Trainers to offer the diving community a specific first aid training program for divers...

Pre-requisitie training; Requires CPR Certification any recognised body or agency: DAN - Red Cross - Red Crescent - Diving Agency - EFR - etc. etc. Or your Instructor may include CPR Certification with your Dive Medic Course.

 This is not a general first aid program and is ONLY focused on diving and marine environment injuries... It is not suitable as a general first program. It is a "Specialist Medically Orientated Program for those who may come into contact with diving accidents or injuries. 


Due to laws in certain Countries we have a two (2) year renewal process.  Just a 1/2 day review, Quiz and CPR Assessment...  Any IHMP Dive Medic Instructor may complete the review and also re-certify CPR if required.

Dive Medic First Aid Program

The IHMP Dive Medic program is more than just a first-aid program for divers, as the title "Dive-Medic" suggests, it is a medically orientated program which will be both challenging and rewarding for those taking it. The ITDA-IHMP Program requires a pre-study program of theory (6-8hrs) for 1 day program, or 2 Day full program no pre-study time.

Dive Medic First Aid Certification is required by standards for all ITDA Group Rescue Certifications and highly recommended from any diver level or from any agency....  The program may be included in our Rescue Diver and Aquatic Rescue Programs or it may be taught on its own as a "Dry Certification"...  CPR & Resuscitation overview is included.  

See IHMP First-Aid and Medical Products page... Link here!


Academic / Theory studies will include:

  • Basic understanding of Physiology and Anatomy

  • Principle and Primary Causes of Diving Accidents

  • Decompression Theory & Physiology relating to diving

  • Prevention and Risks Assessment

  • Case Studies of Diving Accidents

  • Primary Assessment and Emergency Care

  • Oxygen Administration and Oxygen Provider

  • AED First Aid is an optional training unit / module

  • Managing Diving Accidents and Handover to EMS

Practical Exercises and Demonstrations will include:

  • CPR and Resuscitation Skills Review & Assessment

  • Signs and Symptoms of Diving Casualties

  • Primary Assessment and Primary Care

  • Emergency First Aid and Oxygen Administration (see Oxygen First-Aid Link)

  • Airway Management - Pocket Mask and BVM use.

  • Marine Life Injuries and primary care

  • Introduction to Advanced Life Support (AED First Aid)

  • Making a Dive Accident Report

  • Standards and Procedures in Diving Accidents

  • Hand over to EMS (Accident Site Management)

The learning environment is designed to be low stress and there is an 85% practical assessment pass rate required, based on actual skills application and evaluation during the instruction led demonstrations. Plus a theory test/quiz at 80% pass rate required. A NEW Online quiz is also available.

  Contact us for more details... admin@ihmp.eu

Dive Medic Synopsis

Course Program Summary / Overview

IHMP Dive Medic First Aid. - New 1 Day Program. For any divers from any agency who need to understand the basics of diving first aid and first responder care for diving accidents.

Includes: Oxygen Administration and Optional *AED (Auto External Defibrillation) use.  See: AED First Module

Primary causes of Diving accidents - DCS and DCI. with primary care and emergency response.

IHMP Diver Training Modules;
And CPR Refresher Programs: CPR First Aid - Oxygen First Aid - AED First Aid - Basic Life Support - Sports Injuries - Physiology - Decompresion Theory - Dive Accident Management & Control. (being updated..)  Training Materials link here!

IHMP/ITDA Group International Training Standards

ITDA Group International and IHMP First Aid and Medical Training Standards meet and exceed in most cases all National and International Standards, Oue CPR Standards follow the latest standards and reviews from the AHA (Americian Heart Association) and the EU ERC (European Resusitation Council). We also offer training, certification and registration with AREMT (Australasian Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians) link to Standards page...

Please mail us for more information... admin@ihmp.eu

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