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About Us

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Key Points

IHMP has a very solid foundation having been around since 1998

We have a long history in developing first aid training and certification programs to meet the growing and changing needs of business and industry.

2007 First Award for our training standards...

In 2007 ITDA were awarded joint first prize in a UK Government Innovations scheme, run by HOVIP (Heads of the valley innovation program) for our International trainng standards and teaching methods.

IHMP training was alarge part of this award...

IHMP Legal Status

Since late 2014 IHMP First Aid and Medical Training Ltd. Became a UK Limited Company and meets the legal requirements for an International business operating from the UK under UK and EU Laws. We have a European business in Spain and growing around the world.


My wife and I recently took a first aid course for divers and it was great! Easy and fun, with lots of great prcatical ideas that may save a life.

ITDA Group International divers, Mike & Susy H.K.

The whole course has been very thought provoking and I will be changing some of my first aid practices as a result.

First Aid AT Work Candidate/Instructor. Dave U.K.

The training and instruction were only exceeded in quality by the USB materials.

Great products and good people... Iain. Scotland

About our team...

Skilled in EMT Training, Hyperbaric and Specailist First Aid, plus computer science, administration, marketing, sales and management skills the team are very effective.

The management are a strange bunch, with backgrounds in Sales and Marketing Management and Training in IT... plus teaching and lecturing at a state University in Malaysia (Steve) and... (Dave) with 20 years+ in the UK national fire service, plus... (Georgina) having Social Services Skills, Admin Management, Teaching EFL, plus Business English and also lecturing at a state Univeristy in Malaysia. The team has a very diverse experience background. In addition to all being passionate about diving!award

Stephen Craig-Muray founded the ETDA European Technical Diving Agency in 1998 in UK and Spain and then went on to develop the ITDA "International Technical Diving Agency", as an natural expansion to the ETDA from 2002.... and in 2004 moving into training and certification in recreational scuba. IHMP was orginally a large part of this business.

We have regional management and repesentation in: UK - Spain - Poland - Slovakia - Norway - Italy - Benelux Middle East - Malaysia - Taiwan - China - Philippines and Singapore. 

Also new business In Developments in: Germany - USA - Canada - Mexico and Caribbean for 2015... Plus a New ITDA Group trading region ITDA Mediterranean (Malta,Croatia,Turkey and Greece)

Meet the team...

The IHMP Executive management team are proud to launch IHMP First Aid and Medical Training Ltd. As a business in its own right... Working with the ITDA Group International and International Technical Diving Agency.


Steve Craig-Murray

Steve is our CEO and founder of IHMP back in 1998 and he grew the business into what we have today... Operating in 48+ Countries and in 9 Languages around the world. Steve is also an AREMT Assessor for the UK and an EMT/DMT Trainer, plus hyperbaric medic since 1997. Steve is our chief examiner.


Georgina Craig

Georgina was the Co-Founder of the ITDA back in 2002 and became the Admin Director and joint partner in the business. Georg as she prefers to be called is also an Instructor Trainer and waiting to take her Course Director Assessor program. Georg is also a First Aid Instructor Assessor.


David Craig

David was ex-military and then gave many years of service to the UK National Fire Service. He is a keen diver and our Director of Safety Operations and our Health and Safety Representative in the United Kingdom.  Dive is also a UK First Aid Trainer and Assessor.