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Road Safety First Aid

IHMP Road Safety First Aid Training

This is a first and new course developed especially for road users and injuriesis designed to acheive three objectives:

  • To offer risks awareness and assessment of using public roads

  • To offer basic First-Aid training and certification in dealing with accidents and injuries relating to road users

  • To safely prepare road injuries for EMS transport and report incidents and accidents to authorities

Why create such a course?

hazardBecause with the incresing number of road users and increasing traffic, anyone coming across an accident will be in a better position to offer real help and first-aid at the scene, having the knowledge and background to deal with common hazards, and put their safety first. While undertsnding procedures for primary care and assessment, that can help EMS (Emergency Medica Services) on arrival.

Who should take this course?

Simply anyone and everyone who uses public roads, as accidents and incidents may occur at any time any where... Specific benefits will exist for:  Cyclists and motor cycle users, car drivers and publice transport / good vehicle drivers or crews / staff working on public roads.

Who can Train, Teach and Certify?

Any responsible person who is in a position of authority; Professional Driving Instructors, Motorcycle Trainers and professional road users, may take the IHMP Road Safety and First Aid Instructor Training Program....  Police Officers / EMS and Pre-Hospital care drivers may consider becoming instructors or even instructor trainers...


For more information please mail us here at admin@ihmp.eu

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