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Aquatic Rescue & First Aid

Aquatic Rescue & Oxygen First Aid

Aquatic Rescue Certification Program

ITDA Group Offer more theory, more in-depth training and more rescue experience in this program than any other training and certification agency...


We also include: Surface Assists and Surface Rescue(s) (various techniques for Men, Women and Children) and Recovery skills, from Shore/Surface and in-water life saving skills. Plus first aid for specific water related injuries, including: Drowning and other Injuries... For Conscious and Unconscious non-breathing injured persons.

IHMP Offer the following Rescue Training and Certification Programs to International standards:

Who Should take this training?

These Rescue Programs will benefit anyone who works at or near the water, from shallow swimming pools and Dock areas to those working on or in and around boats. Also special programs are available for Life Guards and Pool Staff in resort areas where people may be at risk..

Aquatic Rescue Training Program

This Aquatic Rescue Program is designed to effect and promote safely rescuing anybody from the water and then recovering them to a safe dry area where they can be assessed and treated for first aid...

The program is for anyone at any level of experience or even with no experience to gain valuable skills in safely rescuing anyone from the water this one day exclusive IHMP Training programs covers:

  • Safety & Risk Assessment Prior to Rescue

  • Best and Fastest Way to Effect a Safe Rescue (Assists and Rescues)

  • Rescue & Recovery Techniques (Surface and in-water)

  • Egress Techniques and Oxygen First Aid

  • CPR (Review) and First Aid for Aquatic Injuries

  • AED First Aid


 But whoever you are and whatever your training level and experience, Aquatic Rescue Training could change your chances from effecting a poor and difficult rescue with excessive personal risks, to a successful one!

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