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At Work First Aid - Instructor

First Aid At Work Instructor Training

ITDA/IHMP First Aid Instructors may qualify to teach, train and certify IHMP At Work First Aid programs.  We are allowing crossovers based on certification and experience with an oriemtaion online program and low cost First Aid At Work training materials and instructor guide to standards.

We have a 2 day First Aid at work orientation and upgrade program covering all the requirements for IHMP FAAW Instructor rating and certification, which is renewalble annually... mail us for details and schedules... admin@ihmp.eu 

We welcome Instructors from other agencies to cerify our programs

We may also welcome First Aid Instructors from other agencies to crossover and work with us... See Crossovers & Upgrades

IHMP First Aid at work training covers industry standards, for first aid emergency care in the workplace to UK HSE standards.  Opportunities include:  Factories, Offices and Shops, Plants, Mills, Building Sites, Warehouses etc. etc.

This make for great business opportuities with the 1 day program from £80.00 GBP plus VAT/Tax to £359.00 for the full emergency care at work program. and £125.00 GBP for the 2 day, recertification course program... 

NOTE: WE do not set prices, these are market average, based on current UK First Aid at work business providers.


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