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IHMP Instructor Trainer

trainer IHMP Instructor Trainer/ Assessor (ITT/A)

About  our IHMP Instructor Trainer and the role of a Trainer Assessor

IHMP Instructor Trainer is a unqiue pro-training level in IHMP offering Senior Instructor or experienced First Aid / First Responder instructors from any agency the opportunity to crossover and upgrade their skills, training and certification to become an IHMP Instructor Trainer. The title of Assessor may be granted after a review and assessor training module with IHMP HQ staff, Regional management or HQ appointed persons (IHMP Course Director/Assessor Examiner or IHMP Chief Examiner).

What can an IHMP Instructor Trainer (TT) do?

ITDA IHMP Instructor Trainer and Trainer/Assessor

Our ITDA/IHMP Trainers may, under the direction of an ITDA Course Director/Assessor Examiner or ITDA Group HQ Staff, train and certify IHMP Instructor Training Programs. If they are an IHMP Trainer /Assessor they may conduct and certify IHMP Cpr Instructor, At Work First Aid (BLS) Instructor and Dive Medic Instructor Levels. Assessor Title is awarded only to highly experienced Trainers after organising and running a minimum of 2 IHMP Instructor Courses... Or by being appointed on grade scores from our Assessor training module conducted by ITDA Group HQ, plus on merit by ITDA Group HQ Training board or under a special agreement with a regional office of ITDA/IHMP partner/licensee..

Crossover and upgrade to IHMP Instructor Trainer

There are 2 routes to crossover as an IHMP Instructor Trainer (IHMP-IT).

  • Administration crossover based on your experience and certifications, with an IHMP Training Board member interview by skype or by phone, plus a standards compliance statement.
  • Crossover from another training agency as a highly experienced First Aid instructor and being an instructor in sports diving (Any agnecy) or a First Aid Instructor (Red Cross / Cruz Roja / Red Crescent / DAN / St Johns etc. etc.) and upgrade to IHMP  Trainer at one of our Instructor Courses, and after gaining some experience certifying  IHMP Instructors, you may apply to upgrade for Trainer/Assessor.  Or crossover from a senior  instructor level from another training agency and upgrade directly to our IHMP Trainer Designate level. (On IHMP board approval)

Next Steps

If you would like to learn more or team up with us for a IHMP Insructor Course in your region, please email us with your details and where you are in the world. We hold 8-10 IHMP Instructor Courses per year in different regions and most can accomodate upgrade programs.

If you are interested in applying for a crossover or upgrade program please email us here

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