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Dive Medic Technician DMT

IHMP Hyperbaric Training

We offer a wide range of Hyperbaric Training, from non medical, experience and awareness programs to Medical Certifications and CME's.

Introduction to Hyperbaric Medicine and Chamber Operations

  • 1/2 Day to full day programs covering:

  • Use and application of Hyperbaric Chambers

  • HBO Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments

  • How Oxygen benefits healing

  • Diving Accidents and Primary care

  • Assessment of CNS Problems / Early Activation of EMS

  • Diving Accident Requiring a Chamber or just a trip to hospital?

  • Practical Application of Recompression and Chamber DRY Dive.

A limited certification is included as an "Experience Only" program. This is NOT a hyperbaric qualification.

A training manual and short quiz is available at this level to be "Certified"...

We can also offer:

  • Hyperbaric Chamber Operations Courses

  • Operator

  • Tender

  • Supervisor

  • ALST

  • Dive Medic Technician (DMT)

Please email us for more informationa bout course outlines and training schedules... admin@ihmp.eu

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