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Martial Arts First Aid

First Aid Training for Martial Artsjudo

Martial-Arts offer some unique opportunities for injury due to many factors, including but not limited to:

Hard physical training programs, with risks of:  Sprains, Cramps, Heart Attack, etc.

Sparring which risks: Sprains, Bruises, Bleeding, Fractures, Impact injuries from mild to severe, head and neck injuries, unconsciousness, etc.

As a martial-artist

Practitioners of martial-arts should be at least be trained in CPR and how to deal with an unconsciousness person, plus it would also be of great benefit to know and understand the nature of impact injuries and possible damage and treatment for sprains, fractures and dislocations, which can happen in many martial-arts.

We appreciate that most martial-artists are very careful, however accidents can and do happen!


Martial Arts Instructors

As sports instruction professionals you have a duty of care to your students, to provide them in the event of an accident or injury with appropriate emergency care, you must have a first aid kit and know how to use it. Many association are now requiring instructors and clubs to take first aid training.

Why IHMP has developed specialist first-aid training for martial-arts

Simply because martial-arts represent a serious risk for accident and injury and our training board actually has Karate and Aikido instructors on the board, so we understand a little better than most, exactly what injuries are common place and how to treat and prepare casualties for EMS or transport to a hospital.

If you are a martial-artist or an instructor

You should seriously consider the benefits of our high value and low cost training and certification in martial-arts first aid. We have cousre programs for evry level from basic CPR to EMT-B and Para-medic...  Contact us today: admin@ihmp.eu

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