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Oil and Gas Industry First Aid

First Aid and Safety Training for Oil & Gas Industries (Petro-Chemical)

We can train directly in first-aid and Emergency Care with our complete IHMP First Aid (BLS) Basic Life Support Programs and also our unique Aquatic Rescue and First-Aid Program.

We can also support hyperbaric training and certification to industry standards and with our International training partners we can also offer:

Oil and Gas Safety Training (Including Accident Prevention & Fire Fighter)

Our training partner in Malaysia TSTC (Terengganu Safety Training Centre) can offer this level of training with Industry wide certification and International standards.

EMT Emergency Medic Technician from EMT-B to Paramedic

Our training partner in Australiasia "AREMT" (Australasian Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians) and operating world wide can offer a full range of EMT training and certifications with both online elearning and hands on programs.  IHMP can train and certify EMT-B and Dive Medic Technician, also LST (Life Support Technician) and ALST (Advanced).

If you would like to learn more or team up with us for a ITDA/IHMP Course in your region, please email us with your details and where you are in the world. We can hold traiing courses with just 4-6 weeks notice in over 48 Countries.

If you are interested in working with us, please email us here... admin@ihmp.eu 


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