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Crossovers and Upgrades

Crossovers and Upgrade to IHMP

Who should join us?

We welcome instructors and trainers from any first aid training background to work with us, and benefit from our extensive range of both specialist first training  (Diving Industry, Sports First Aid, Oil and Gas etc.), and general first aid and medical training.


Why should you join us?

Simply to offer your clients, students etc. A wider range of training and certification programs, plus we offer excellent membership packages from low a cost and high value.  See Professional Membership Page or IHMP Europe Membership € / IHMP International Membership in USD$

How does it work?

We can offer two options:

Option 1. If you are a currenct first aid instructor or trainer with another agency / training body and would like to expand your first aid training portfolio, to include our training programs as non-exclusive, all you need to do is to register with us as an IHMP Instructor at an equal level for which you alredy hold a current first aid teaching certificate.  Email: admin@ihmp.eu for a forms link..

Option 2. You may crossover to IHMP and examine our options to upgrade to IHMP First Aid Trainer or Assessor Examiner to conduct IHMP Instructor Training Programs... Please mail us you level of interest at admin@ihmp.eu

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