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Diving Safety & First Aid

Diving Safetyscuba

This half day program or New Online Training program is especially designed for NEW divers with limited experience and demonstrates the importance of understanding dive tables, computers and explains what "Decompression Models" are all about in simple easy to understand terms, we make diving physics fun and interesting...  Hopefully this may also save some new divers from preventable accidents.

Diving Safety Program is Made up from:

  • Introduction to Decompression Theory

  • Diving Tables and using a dive computer

  • Common diving accidents and how to prevent them

In addition to the above "dive safety" theory we have added a basic first aid for diver program:

First Aid for Diving includes:diver

  • Identifying signs and symptoms of decompression sickness

  • Dealing with bites, stings and scratches

  • Treatment and emergency first aid for:

    • Minor Injuries

    • DCI and DCS

    • How and when to use oxygen (Overview of oxygen first aid program)


Programs are vailable from IHMP and ITDA Instructors who are also certified ITDA Diving professionals, for more information or to obtain a link to the online program please mail us here... admin@ihmp.eu 

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